• custom deer guards for semis
  • custom brush guards in Green Bay, WI
  • custom brush guards for semis in Green Bay, WI

Custom Deer Guards for semi trucks, vans, and emergency vehicles.

Premier Guards manufactures deer guards for most makes and models. Serving all of Wisconsin.

Premier Guards designs and fabricates high strength deer guards for semi trucks, emergency vehicles, and other custom applications. We have standard designs for the majority of truck models and are always adding more. We also offer custom designs for other models and can help you customize a guard for your rig to give it the look you would be proud to show off.

Why we're Different

When you compare the wall thickness of our pipes to the competition, it is clear where the advantage is. And do they tie it together in a continuous loop to utilize the basic engineering advantage of hoop strength? Do you want to leave the protection of your truck in the hands of a company that cuts corners?

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