About Premier Guards

Premier Guards has been building high strength, quality guards with our proprietary 3/8” wall aluminum tube since 2004. We take pride in the hearty design and its ability to take most hits and many times multiple hits, and continue to provide protection with no repair required. Our single main-hoop design allows the force of a deer/elk hit across the entire guard body. If the hoop is not continuous, strength is sacrificed. Hoop strength is a simple engineering concept, but is only seen on a few guard designs.

Our guard strength is paired with very low weight. Our standard guard is only 65 lbs (85 lbs including mounts). Our tall guard is 105 lbs (125 lbs including mounts). So great protection for your fleet, with a minimal affect on fuel economy.

We are based in deer country here in Wisconsin so we know your challenges out there on the highways.... Deer, coyotes, bear, turkey, elk, moose, you name it, we have protected a big rig from it. Sometimes we even protect our customers from themselves... and we all need that sometimes.

Our innovative designs provide our customers with simple mounting and a low maintenance guard for years of trouble free protection. We serve the Midwest and across the USA through our dealer network so you can protect your livelihood, big rig, and sanity out there on the highways of this great country.

We love to hear from our customers as they tell us of their praise for our guard’s performance when it really counts. If you don’t have a Premier Guard, you are not experiencing the peace of mind it offers.

Give us a call! 920-615-4008. You will be glad you did!!

Thanks for looking,

Chuck Konowalski


 My Premier Guard "processed" 6 deer before a big one hit me just right. Retired one and got another. Thanks Premier for being "on guard" to allow me to worry about things other than deer traffic!!  

- Jack, Minnesota